ST Imaging ViewScan IV

ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV
ST ViewScan IV

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Prior to the digital age, microfilm was the standard for document preservation. Now, thanks to ST Imaging’s ViewScan 4, historians, students, researchers and businesses can bring these documents to life as easily as making a copy. Advances in computers and software allow this innovative microfilm scanner to instantly display high-resolution images, making browsing fast and easy. The ViewScan 4 can view all microforms, roll microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, jackets, micro cards and even color slides. In addition, with its advanced hardware and all-new, user-friendly software, the ViewScan 4 becomes an invaluable asset to libraries, universities, government institutions or any company that needs to retrieve information from their archival documents in digital form.


To increase user familiarity, the ViewScan 4 has similar features to our previous digital scanners, including the film control keys on the carrier. Plus, its small footprint can be incorporated into any location, from a small office to a vast research room. Its technological updates make it our most efficient viewer to date.

Product Specifications

Film Scanner Carrier Configurations

• Universal Carrier
• Motorized roll film, fiche and aperture cards
• Fiche or aperture card only
• 3M (M-type) cartridge film adapter on Universal Carrier
• ANSI film clip adapter on Universal Carrier

File Outputs

• PDF Multi-Page • PDF Single Page • PDF Searchable* Multi-Page
• PDF Searchable* Single Page • Bitmap • JPEG
• JPEG 2000 • PNG • TIFF
• Multi-Page TIFF • TIFF with Group 4 Compression
• Multi-Page 1-Bit Bitonal TIFF (300 DPI) with Group 4 Compression
* with optional OCR software

Scannable Media

Designed to scan all microforms created with 7x-105x reduction, including microfilm (35/16 mm),
microfiche, aperture cards, jackets, slides and more.


• Three year factory warranty • Assembled in the USA

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