ST ViewScan

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Microfilm Crossover™ Digital Film Viewer/Scanner


  • Intuitive Windows™ Desktop Application look and feel for ease of use
    (no confusing clutter of enigmatic icons)
  • The convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, capture and output
  • High-quality imaging with no pixilation while redrawing pages
  • Incomparable capture speed (300 dpi or more in 1/6th of a second)
  • Enhanced viewing that eliminates negative images, scratches and dust
  • Exclusive ViewScan® software that allows for:
  • Fast browsing
  • Digital and Optical zooming
  • Scissor Cut™ enhanced cropping and masking features
  • Auto Enhanced saving
  • At-a-Glance thumbnails of captured images
  • Easy and versatile file management
  • ICIR™ (Immediate Captured Image Review)

    Consider your first computer and compare it in size and capability to today’s mobile technology. Similarly, ViewScan’s engineering takes advantage of technological advances to create a smaller reader-printer footprint while increasing scan and capture capabilities and options. The ViewScan® design features:
  • A single system that provides light sources and film carrier for microfilm, microfiche and microcards
  • Firmware and circuitry housed within a single unit that requires no external power supply
  • The latest German state-of-the-art camera and lens technology for precision, miniaturization and reliability optimized for micro imaging
  • An unobstructed film path for easy access, loading, controlling and viewing

    Utilizing the ViewScan® Microfilm Crossover™ technology, the unit combines the fast and medium speed motorized film movement with onscreen controls, plus manual micro-movement of analog system hand controls:
  • On-screen film movement controls
  • Manual film movement knobs
  • Motorized film physical push-button controls for slow, medium and fast modes

    Designed to offer the maximum in flexibility for varying capture requirements and budgets, the modular build of the ST ViewScan® virtually guarantees that the system cannot become obsolete, protecting initial investment.
  • Basic system is powered by a single low-energy power source and is compatible with a wide range of interchangeable and or later upgraded carrier options
  • Microfiche, MicroCard and Aperture Card fiche only carrier
  • Inexpensive Manual Roll Film and Fiche Combo Carrier
  • Industry standard motorized 35mm and 16mm roll film and fiche combo carriers, compatible with many major name brand micrographic system carriers
  • Industry standard motorized 35mm and 16mm roll film and fiche combo carriers with 3M cartridge option
  • System can be easily updated for special imaging requirements and technology advances such as Ultra fiche, color microfilm, or other custom requirements
  • Camera components can be upgraded when technology advances
  • Service and maintenance as easy as swapping modular components

    Ever-cognizant of the environmental impact, the compact design of the ViewScan® is RoHS compliant, CE Certified, and significantly reduces physical footprint and energy costs.Click here to request more information on how ST ViewScan® can save energy.


  • Scanning Type: Microfilm (16/35mm); microfiche; opaque microcards; aperture cards; and more
  • Image Sensor: High Resolution monochrome sensor capturing 6 full resolution images per second
  • Grayscale Mode: 256 Gray Scale capture, can produce gray scale and bi-tonal output
  • Optical Resolution: Multiple modes up to much more than 600dpi “at document”
  • Zoom Range: 7X to 54X Optical Zoom, 7X to 96X Digital Auto Zoom®
  • Light Source: CCFL True Color film-optimized lamp and LED lamps with lifetime warranty
  • Scan Speeds: 300 dpi 1/6th of one second; higher resolutions in one second
  • Maximum Area: 35mm x 51mm exceeds full aperture card requirements
  • Power Adapter: 13.8 VDC 2A
  • Power Source: AC 100-240 V 50Hz – 60Hz
  • *PC
    Recommendations: 2+ Gig Ram, 2+ GHz speed, 17″ or larger monitor, works very well with 24″ pivot or non- pivot screens. 1 USB 2.0 port, 1 powered FireWire Card (provided at no additional charge)
    Video Card: 512MB. CPU: Intel Core Duo or later.
  • Operating Systems: Compatible with 32bit & 64 bit XP, Vista and Windows™ 7 Microsoft operating systems.
  • Screen Refresh: 30 frames per second
  • Dimensions/Weight: ST ViewScan: 12″W x 17″D x 6 5/8″H 10 lbs / 30.48cm x 43.18cm x 16.83 cm; 4.5kg UC9 Motorized Carrier: 25″W x 12″D x 6 5/8 H 11lbs / 63.5 cm x 30.48cm x 16.83cm; 5 kg
  • *PC Recommendations are for best performance – lesser systems may work with slower performance, and inexpensive upgrades can make older systems work extremely well.
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