Kodak i5250V Scanner

Kodak i5200V Scanner

Kodak i5200V Scanner
Kodak i5200V Scanner

Beyond smart lies brilliant: KODAK i5000V Scanners

These scanners deliver a revolution in document imaging intelligence, offering advances in value, volume and vision. Get the savings, smarts and speed you need for your enterprise with KODAK i5000V Series Scanners with Kofax VRS Professional software.

Best-in-class total cost of ownership/ performance

Process and manage more data per dollar than select competitors
Over five years, compared to select competitor scanners:
  • Save up to $100,000 on TCO*
  • Save up to $46,000 on consumables alone**



Gain even more speed without additional hardware purchases

  • Field upgradeable versatility and savings
  • Transform a KODAK i5250V Scanner to KODAK i5650V specs and performance as your needs and volumes grow

Single component, touch screen panel efficiency

  • Make repeated and complex functions one-button-easy
  • Simplify tasks according to common job orders with programmable function keys
  • Minimize human interaction and time expended
  • Improve accuracy and processing times
  • Wide-angle viewing with two ergonomically correct positions
  • Vibrant, full-color touch screen

Give your documents the intelligence they deserve


Greatly increase processing volumes and accuracy to make informed decisions faster. Speed business processes. Deliver better customer service. It’s intelligence and power for your documents and enterprise, designed for less human interaction from feeding…through imaging…to stacking.
  • i5200V Scanner—up to 150 ppm
  • i5600V Scanner—up to 180 ppm
* Total cost of ownership for i5000 Series Scanner over five years is $56,460 compared to $158,364 (multiple units of certain products may be required to match productivity of i5000) for select competitor scanners. TCO includes list price, service cost, consumables and additional image processing costs. Data on file.
** Consumables costs over five-year period. i5000 Series Scanner cost of $10,080 vs. $56,448 for consumables for select, competitor scanners. Data on file.

For more information and specs see our brochure:

Download full product brochure.

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