Kodak i5650 Scanner

Kodak i5600 Scanner

Kodak i5600 Scanner
Kodak i5600 Scanner
Kodak i5600 Scanner
Kodak i5600 Scanner

Beyond smart lies brilliant: a revolution in document imaging intelligence, only from KODAK.

KODAK – the high-volume market leader – delivers brilliant, never-before-possible advantages for your enterprise with KODAK i5000 Series Scanners.


Breakthrough digital architecture offers logic and programmability delivering advantages for today and tomorrow – including optimized memory allocation and processing paths, and customization capabilities for your job streams
Load any mix of diverse documents and your i5000 Series Scanner will find the fastest way to scan, perform imaging functions, extract data and neatly stack originals

Best-in-class total cost of ownership/performance

Process and manage more data per dollar – up to 33% more accurately – than select competitors, even with all imaging features enabled*

Give your documents the intelligence they deserve

Greatly increase processing volume and accuracy to make informed decisions faster, speed up a business process, and deliver better customer service. It’s intelligence and power for your documents and enterprise, designed for less human interaction from feeding, through imaging, to stacking.
No lag, full-rated speed of 180 ppm with all imaging features enabled

Single component, touchscreen panel efficiency


Make repeated and complex functions one-button easy – simplify tasks, according to common job orders, with programmable function keys to minimize human interaction while improving accuracy and processing times
Wide-angle viewing with two ergonomically correct positions – vibrant, full-color touch screen
* Up to 33% more accurately, based on internal testing by KODAK. Data on file.

For more information and specs see our brochure:

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